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CPA Secure was developed from the ground up with the Accounting Industry in mind.  Our file transport services assist firms with maintaining compliance with Title V, Section 501 of GLB (Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999) titled, "Protection of nonpublic personal information".

 To provide CPA firms a safer and more reliable method of electronically transporting private and confidential accounting information with their respective clients.  Normal methods that use unsecured email, FTP solutions, CD Backups, Thumb Drives, External Hard Drives, etc. simply fail to meet the responsibilities set forth by Federal Legislative Acts.  CPA Secure addresses these shortcomings and much, much, more.

Mission Statement:  To provide advanced industry leading managed file transfer services custom tailored to meet the demanding and ongoing regulatory needs of the Accounting Industry and provide those services in the most secure, reliable and cost effective way available.



"I was shocked and embarrassed when I first learned the practices we had used for so long at our firm were simply a nightmare looking for a place to happen.  CPA Secure has brought more simplicity to our current processes and we sleep better at night knowing we're compliant."

~Grace Colby, CPA