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By using CPA Secure as your firms' file transfer solution, not only does your firm gain benefits ranging from security, convenience, compliancy and reliability, but so does your client.  Let's face it, your clients stand to benefit just as much from the security and convenience aspects of CPA Secure as your firm does.


Financial data records like QuickBooks often times contain customer credit card information and employee social security numbers just to mention a few things worth protecting.  Choosing to use CPA Secure services as your firms' transport method demonstrates to your clients that you take the safety and security of their confidential information as seriously as they do.  Your firm is now able to offer your clients peace of mind when sending their records electronically. 


Many CPA Secure customers will actually distribute the costs of CPA Secure services to their clients that use it.  In many cases, this is a very nominal cost to your client.  These firms charge their clients a "Secure Electronic Transfer" fee of about $12.00 per year.  That's right, PER YEAR! 


What a firm charges their client for the use of this service is strictly up to them.  We generally recommend that the number of clients that send you confidential information electronically, ultimately supplement the cost to your firm as a minimum. 



Samson & Anderson accounting firm has 50-clients that utilize CPA Secure services through their firms account.  Samson & Anderson are on a Annual Silver Plan which makes their monthly cost-$33.33/Mo. equaling $399.99/Year.  Divide the annual cost of $399.99 by 50-clients and each client receives a "Secure Electronic Transfer" line item expense on their year-end tax charges of $7.99.



Or consider the firm McNeal, Siegel, & Proctor.  They are on a Annual Gold Plan paying $69.99/Mo equaling $839.99/Year.  Now what's coming next is impressive indeed.  They have registered more than 800-clients to use their CPA Secure services whether the client uses it once a year or 50-times a year.  Remember, the Gold Plan offers Unlimited Users.  McNeal, Siegel, & Proctor charges each of the more than 800-Clients a "Secure Electronic Transfer" fee amounting to only $10.00/Year.  While that is a nominal charge all by itself, did you see what happened?  McNeal, Siegel, & Proctor actually netted $7,160.01 after their expenses for CPA Secure services.  WOW!!! That's over an 8:1 return on investment.  Way to go McNeal, Siegel, & Proctor.


Whether you choose to distribute the cost of CPA Secure's file transfer services to your clients or not is strictly up to you and your firm.  This page is merely intended to demonstrate how a firm may offset their cost of the service or better, how they may earn additional income while using it.